About Us

Hi! My name is Katrin Lanfire I am an alternative fashion model and MyWitchery’s founder, owner and the only designer.

I’ve always had a huge interest in occult mysticism, fantasy and historical fashion. Very often the inspiration for my creations and modeling outfits have been theatrical and opera productions, epic films and books.

At first it was more of a hobby where I created various headwear, wigs and accessories for my own use. I often wore them to photoshoots, festivals and costume balls.

As my skills and ideas grew, as well as interest of people in my works, I decided to share my creations with others. Thus, in 2016 MyWitchery brand was born. For more than 7 years I’ve been helping models and artists all over the world to add even more creativity to their own images.

Today, I am incredibly happy to invite you into my magical world and bring your fantastic fashion vision to life!