Renting, lending and new collaborations.

Sorry, we don't lend or even rent our headpieces because:

✅ Almost all of our items are made to order, usually we don't have ready-to-ship headpieces in our store.
✅ We have a lots of orders and clients, who are waiting for their goods. Sorry, but we won’t be able to break our promises to them and do something urgently and for free for your shooting.
✅ Headdresses made of feathers and wigs: those should be in a perfect condition to sell, but after even one time of using them and delivery to and back, they look very "tired" and need a repairing (if repair would even be possible)
✅ Nothing personal, but in the past we already have had some unpleasant experience , when our headpieces were returned in a horrible state or after a very long time. Two of them weren't returned at all.
✅ When we have some free time, we gladly take a part in a projects with other designers and photographers, but in this case we already have our team.
✅You may see some cool professional photos here, but 90% of our items on pictures are model's or photographer's property. Artists just kindly shared their masterpieces with us. We appreciate work of all models and photographers, but sorry, after a hours of work and spending our money for materials, can't give them for free. If we'll be interested in work with you, we contact you for sure! ❤️