Custom Orders Policy

✅ We gladly accept custom orders in our store. Please, contact us using direct messages here or via email with all of your questions. This way you can be sure to get the quick and full answer. Link in bio.
✅ In most cases we are able to change the color and some other details of the designs, you may find in our shop. It would costs approximately 20-50 euro more than the usual price. Don't hesitate to ask, if you're interested!
✅ Time period for creating a completely new custom design may take from 2 weeks to 2 month. It depends on the complexity of the work and the process of finding and ordering fitting materials. Please, contact us in advance to be sure about the date you need your purchase to be received and to avoid any complications or delays.
✅ We would probably need some clarifying information to create the product which will suite you perfectly: size, shape, color, photo-references, etc. After receiving this information we can tell you the actual price of the item and terms/dates of creating process.
✅ We accept a custom order only after receiving the full payment! Exceptional are cases when we have discussed and dealt with the customer on payment in parts.
✅ In case of cancellation of an individual order 70% of the cost is not refundable.
✅ We never recreate any kinds of copies of someone else's artworks and don't make cosplay pieces.
✅ We always show pictures of materials and of the product before shipping a custom order to be sure it's the most desirable result.