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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. How can I track my international parcel?
Usually we use (worldwide) or (USA)

2.Where's my parcel? I ordered a month ago!

View delivery timeframe of Global Registered Airmail/ePacket (Not including rural areas)
Day 1-2 Acceptance/In Origin 
Day 2-3 Departure from outward office of exchange/Exporting 
Day 2-7 Pending Custom clearance/Exporting After exporting/departure, the shipping status will not be updated until the parcel arrives in the next location! 
Day 7-10 Arrival at inward office of exchange/In Destination 
Day 10-15 Pending Custom clearance/Importing 
Day 15-30 Domestic transport and last-mile delivery 
Day 60 If not delivered successfully, the parcel may be returned back to the sender. When your parcel arrives in your country, if you are anxious about getting your stuffs, you may try to contact your local carrier to get the delivery expedited. 

3. What's the exact location of my parcel?

For most international parcels, due to low postages, even express service, the carriers don't have a guaranteed or an expected date of arrival. The shipping time can be slower than you expect, mostly because of the customs procedure and airline arrangement. The international shipping is quite different from the domestic shipping. Your Shipment is being scanned on given points during the transport. In between these points we will not be able to give you more information about the exact whereabouts of your Shipment. We update the tracking information continuously if new information is available from carrier. All tracking websites pull all tracking data from the respective carriers and there's no additional information is available from them.  

4. My parcel is "Not found", what shall I do?

"Not Found" means we do not find any information for that number. We recommend that you double check your tracking number; or contact us for verification. If the tracking number is correct, please wait for at least 1-2 days after the parcel have been sent for tracking details to be available. 

5. My parcel was stuck at somewhere; can you update some new info? MyWitchery is just a shop, who doesn't have any influence on the delivery process or the shipping time. We just give you the tracking number , which you can check on any tracking website online easily, but we are not the logistics companies. Tracking websites will not have any additional information other than those provided in the tracking log. When there’s new tracking info from each corresponding carrier, they will update it accordingly. 

In any case, we promise you help and support at every step from the moment of ordering in our store. Just contact us!